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911-Phone (call volume and trends for the 3 PSAPS – Lebanon, Franklin, and Warren County)

  • Franklin
  • Lebanon
  • PSAP Call Counts
  • Warren 911
  • Warren Admin
  • Warren by Day
  • Warren by Hour


  • Average Call-Create-To-Dispatch
  • Call County by Each Agency’s Units
  • Call Count by Source Type
  • Call Count in Each Agency’s Area
  • Call Count by Agency, Beat, Incident Type
  • Call Stacking Trend by Hour of Day
  • Call Volume by Month and Year since 2008
  • Incident Count by Operator & Call Source Type
  • MDC Address Verification Bypassed by Agency
  • Status Change Count by Agency, Operator (FD)
  • Status Change Count by Agency, Operator (PD)
  • Status Change Count by Operator
  • Status Change Count by Operator, Agency
  • Status Change Count by Operator, Status


  • Activities by Talkgroup over Time
  • Activities by Radio over Time
  • Activities over Time
  • Channel Activities
  • Channel Usage
  • Group PTTs
  • Radio Activity
  • Radio PTTs
  • Reject Reasons
  • System Usage
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