SCHEDULED OUTAGE NOTICE | Wed 3/22 from 1700-2000

Please provide this information to anyone in your organization that needs it

  • Description: Planned Monthly Maintenance
  • Location: Warren County Telecommunications Data Center
  • Time: Wednesday March 22nd, 2017 1700-2000
  • Purpose: Patch and Infection Management process require system reboots.
  • Impact: All Users will experience intermittent access to during this
    time. MDCs will function, IIQ will be intermittent. Dispatch will have intermittent access to Open
  • User Responsibility: User must be logged out of all Gateway application before 1700 or they will be
    forced off. Dispatch will be contacted directly concerning OQ.

For more details, contact us at or +1-513-695-4357 OPTION 1.
Data Systems Team
Warren County Telecom


Token 2015 (4)We are in final stages of implementing new two-factor tokens – Budget $25.00 per token.
We do not have an ETA of when we will begin issuing the new tokens yet.

Each user will go through enrollment with more details on that as we get closer. We will provide each Agency with a report showing the utilization issued tokens.  After completing audit of licenses by Microsoft, we will have to change how we handle the shared tokens, we are still looking at options but do not assume we will be able to issue station or MDC tokens. We will let you know as soon as we can confirm how this will be done.

Please contact Data Systems Manager, Gary Estes with questions 695.1810 or



Description: FRMS Upgrade to latest version

Start time: 9AM–1PM Thursday, December 18th

Purpose: To perform upgrade to newest version release of FRMS application (REQUIRED to meet NFIRS/OFIRS Standards)

Impact: Users will not be able to access FRMS during the outage and will have limited access to ePCR. ePCR runs will have to be manually created during the outage. Dispatched calls will appear on the ePCR machines shortly after FRMS is back up and running, at that point you can merge the two calls or just save the manually created calls to the server.


User Responsibility: User must be logged out of FRMS before 0900 or they will be forced off.

For more details, contact us at or call +1-513-695-4357 Option 4.

Nov 13th: Data Systems Product Preview

Panasonic + CDW + Telecom’s Data Systems Team
invite you to a Public Safety Forum at the
Warren County Administration Building
406 Justice Dr, Lebanon, OH 45036

November 13th, 2014 – 11AM-2PM [lunch provided]

Please RSVP to Telecom’s Jeff Cepin by Nov 11th –

11-11:15 = Introductions/Kickoff
11:15-11:45 = Toughbook/Toughpad
11:45-12:15 = Arbitrator
12:15-12:45 = Lunch/Demo Time
12:45-2:00 – Alastar (Situational Awareness)