ePCR Upgrade


Systolic Blood Pressure = 299       when systolic pressure not available, e.g.  299/199.

Diastolic Blood Pressure = 199     when diastolic pressure not available,e.g.  299/199.

Palpated Cuff Blood Pressure = 2    enter in diastolic field when palpated cuff pressure is taken,  e.g.  120/2

Pulse Rate = 299                                    when a pulse rate is not available.

Respiratory Rate = 99                        when a respiratory rate is not available.

Use these values when entering vitals in ePCR and one or more of the vital numbers are not available.  Please make sure your crews are aware of these values or post them near your ePCR Tablets.


Since the initial training sessions in May & June, the group that meets every 2-3 weeks has become quite lean and productive!  Once agencies had MDCs and software in hand, they’ve been testing all the features and reporting glitches and configuration changes to Telecom.  These have been the main focus of our bi-weekly work sessions, tailoring the software to the user’s liking.

The go-live date is fluid, with each agency able to pick when they are comfortable to begin using the ePCR software for actual reporting purposes.  All meeting notes are housed on this page’s subpage ‘ePCR Documents’ for your review.  If you do not know the password, contact Allison Lyons in Telecom or your agency’s ePCR administrator.


We have been able to use the Ositech cable and connect a physio heart monitor to an ePCR client.  Find your model below and see what Scott needs from your agency:

  1. Ositech: If you are using Ositech cables I need to have all ePCR machines brought into the office to have the driver installed.
  2. Zoll: Need a Zoll monitor brought into the office with ePCR machine(s) to install drivers and verify that the monitor will sync with client.
  3. Phillips: Need a Phillips Monitor brought into the office with ePCR machine(s) to install drivers and verify that the monitor will sync with client

FOLLOW-UP WORK SESSION – WED, MAY 30th 8am-4pm @ WC Edu Svc Ctr

DST Supervisor, Scott Boschert will start this meeting at 8:30 sharp and needs everyone to let him know ASAP if they will attend.

Work Session Agenda

  1. Interventions quick logs (the buttons list that you are tasked with designing so that we can enter the data). The PDF file is located on the ePCR Documents page.
  2. List of Impressions
  3. Doctors List
  4. List of Insurance Companies
  5. User group to decide whether or not to use Common Customers option
  6. Setup Passwords for all users

 IMPORTANT: If you or your chief could send Scott.Boschert@wcoh.net a roster list with all employees’ FRMS passwords or the password that you would like for them to use to login to ePCR client he will complete that work prior to the training. PLEASE DO NOT copy anyone else on the email – only send to Scott so that multiple copies of user names aren’t floating around. Since users cannot change their passwords it makes the most sense to use their FRMS password or something that you or the chief creates for them.


There may be more that we need to look at and discuss at this meeting. If you see something that I have left off the list to do please let me know what it is and I will make sure we put it on the agenda for the meeting.


All trainings are 9am-4pm at The Warren County Educational Service Center  1879 Deerfield Road  Lebanon, OH next to Home Depot.  Attendees are on their own for lunch each day.

  • May 15-18: Configuration Training for your agency’s ePCR Administrator.
  • June 5-6: Workflow Training for ePCR Administrators
  • June 7: Train-the-Trainer for anyone who plans to teach ePCR to others.  This is the only day you need your ePCR-capable tablet or MDC.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) If we delete items on the template such as procedures or medications (other than the standard ePCR meds), will this be reflected in the import?

A) The procedures or medications list is just a list that exists in the system, nothing will be imported from that section. It’s just to help you know what procedures and medications that’s in the base system and if you don’t use those we can delete them out of the system when we get to the section. This would be a great time to create a list of the other procedures and medications that we need to add in the system. When adding these we need to figure out what questions we want the medic to answer if what procedure or medication was preformed. Example I did oxygen, what’s the indication of use, how many litters, what device, result, etc.

Q) Workflow Option

A) Workflow options is a discussion point of how these agencies conduct a QA process, Do they review 100% or only look at certain call types etc. We can talk about a plan when I am there but it would be nice to get everyone thinking about it.

Q) On the agency info, what are they looking for in the following field?

  • EMS Agency ID –A) Since we are creating each agency as it own company in ePCR we need each agencies State EMS Agency ID number this will come in to play when the agency submits to the state for reporting. We will put this in during the 1st week.
  • EMS Agency County – A) For state reporting what County does the Agency run out of. More than likely this is all going to be Warren CO.
  • Organization Type and Status A) Organization Type and Status- another state reporting field, is the agency Fire or hospital based or private. Status, Paid service or Volunteer or mixed of both.
  • NPIA) National Provider ID, again state reporting.

Q) Much of this information is contained in the FireRMS application already. Can Zoll import from that?

A) I am not aware of any import that exists from FireRMS to ePCR.


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