CAD + Records Management

Public Safety Systems Manager: Paul Bernard           513.695.2800     Paul.Bernard at wcoh dot net

Mapping/AudioLog/9-1-1: Don Sebastianelli     513.695.2801   Don.Sebastianelli at wcoh dot net

  • Computer-Aided Dispatch – Troubleshoot, configure, and monitor the software that Emergency Services Dispatchers use to recommend law and fire responses.  Work with public safety agencies to set up their response tables and apparatus.
  • Records Management – retrieves and packages records requests (9-1-1 / CAD) for Emergency Services.  Maintains the Fire Records program.  Retrieves 9-1-1 phone recordings from AudioLog software and ensures the servers stay up and running.
  • Reporting – queries and runs monthly reports for phone system, CAD, 9-1-1, and radio
    available for related agencies and the public.  End-of-year totals for 9-1-1 calls, CAD statistics, fire, and law runs by agency or area.  Can also pull LRMS-DSS and CAD-DSS (Decision Support Software) reports if requested by a public-safety agency.
  • Mapping – maintain the master map which Computer-Aided Dispatch software pulls from for Dispatch.  Same data is used for map requests and the BINGO map used by public and non-public safety agencies.

2016 STATS

Customer Service

  • Processed  40 WCSO Jail  Inmate Phone Call recording requests for 6031 files (2.23GB) and 14 subpoenas
  • 368 miscellaneous Emergency Services Requests.
  • 102 Help Tickets resolved.
  • 1098 receiver devices and 426 receiver groups maintained and configured within Hiplink’s 2 servers.  Hiplink allows incidents from CAD to be automatically sent to subscriber’s mobile phones or emails to stay in-the-know even when not on shift or on premise.
  • Assists users with CAD-DSS and LRMS-DSS questions, problems, and custom reports.


  • 4 Map Uploads to CAD System.
  • 84 MSAG updates (Master Street Address Guide) to Century Link.
  • Feature Changes/Additions: 692,448 including 366 Street Feature changes/additions and 242 Common Place changes/additions.
  • 478 page “Bingo” map updated annually and available to everyone. Various requests for printed and pdf bingo/street maps to users.
  • Started process of configuring TriTech CAD software—primarily mapping creation and maintenance.

Reporting / Program Maintenance

  • 29 9-1-1 Call Problem Reports.
  • Creates monthly and yearly reports for CAD, 9-1-1, Radio System, and Dispatch telephone.
  • Axis Cameras Maintenance and configuration of 14 cameras.
  • Maintained, installed, and configured 7 AudioLog servers (captures traffic on dispatch radios and 9-1-1 calls).



CRT-DST_(LAW) Agency Authorization Form_01-27-15

CRT-DST_(FIRE) Agency Authorization Form_01-27-15





TechnicalBulletin_Hiplink1&2 Switch_041713




TechnicalBulletin_Updating an Incident in CAD-042011

CAD / Custom Alert Paging Changes (120612)






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