Lebanon Shadow Day

On Tuesday, November 14th, Telecom hosted 3 Lebanon High School Juniors. We went beyond just the job tasks in Telecom and shared with them life skills, resume building ideas, and tried to explain how even THEY are our customer!

Have you ever called 911? Telecom plays a role in getting your call routed correctly, we service the phones that Dispatch answers, we maintain the software they reference for ANI/ALI info, they enter incident information into Computer-Aided Dispatch which we configure and service, they communicate to police/fire/EMS on radios that we maintain and program.

Have you ever been pulled over? The cop notifies dispatch via radio or computer that Telecom maintains. They may enter your license info through LEADS which we help ensure reaches the state database and comes back to our unit or Dispatch.

Have you ever been taken to the hospital? Same communication as explained above but the medic or EMS personnel will enter your stats into an application called ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting), which Telecom helps maintain and trains on.

Although these students plan to pursue careers in education, medicine, and accounting – we think they left with a better understanding and hopefully appreciation of what all goes into the technology their public safety agencies rely on.