UPCOMING OUTAGE: 7/25 @ 2100


Please provide this information to anyone in your organization that needs it:

  • Description: Outage to finish Router installation/configuration
  • Location: Warren County Telecommunications Data Center
  • Start Time: Wednesday July 25th, 2012 at 2100
  • Outage Duration: 4 Hours, Users will not be able to access WCPSN from outside the network
  • Purpose: Finish configuration/installation of the new head-end router that was put in to replace the one that failed
  • Impact: Users will not be able to access WCPSN from outside the network. This includes the Gateway, MDCS, FTP. This includes Mason’s PAMET records flow. Internal users such as Dispatch will not be able to access resources outside WCPSN, such as web sites (the hospital pages being an example)
  • User Responsibility: User must be logged out of all Gateway application before 2100 or they will be forced off.

If you would like more details about this issue, please feel free to contact us via email to help@wcoh.net or by calling us at +1-513-695-4357 and select option 4.

Data Systems Team
Warren County Telecommunications
Warren County Public Safety Network
500 Justice Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
+1-513-695-4357 and select option 4

commUNITY event next week!

June 18th    11am-12pm

Help our local government kick off a 3-year commemoration of ‘The War of 1812’ in the heart of Warren County!  We encourage all citizens, community groups, and government officials to come experience the Warren County War of 1812 Bicentennial Flag Raising ceremony!

Gather on the Administration Building lawn (406 Justice Drive  Lebanon, OH 45036) at 11am for light refreshments, snacks, and an up-close look at an 1800’s cannon!  The program will begin at 11:30am including:

  • Emcee, Warren County Commissioner Dave Young
  • Keynote Speaker, Warren County Historian John Zimkus
    Did you know?  Lebanon was the rendezvous point of the troops raised in 1812 from the counties of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont!
  • Warren County Sheriff’s Office Color Guard + Drum and Pipe Corps
  • Ohio Valley Civil War Association 19th U.S. Infantry’s 3-shot volley

All churches & fire departments are asked to help commemorate this bicentennial by joining Warren County in ringing their bells at 12 noon!  We will be ringing our County’s large Ohio Bicentennial Bell!

Please contact allison.lyons@wcoh.net with questions regarding the event.




When the radio team last touched your portable + mobile radios during phase 1 of rebanding, they installed the future interoperability channels in or around your D Zone.  They are the series of 8Call90, 8Tac91, 8Tac92, 8Tac93, 8Tac94.  These channels offer the same functionality as the current 8iCALL and 8iTACs but on a different radio frequency that we will begin using on July 2nd at noon as part of our rebanding.  The next time your radios are touched by Nick and Glenn this year, the old channels (with the “i” in them / in or near your C Zone) will be removed and you will only be left with the rebanded channels.  Please find them in your radio and begin use on July 2nd.

Your vehicle or apparatus may have a laminated 2-sided reference chart regarding these channels.  Flip it over for the post-rebanded chart and reference the old terminology you should no longer use (such as Airmed).

IF YOU DON’T FIND THE 8CALL & 8TACs IN YOUR RADIO, YOU ARE NOT REBANDED.  This causes more problems than just having access to the new interoperability channels, including loss of radio connectivity every 4th day.  CONTACT the RADIO TEAM IMMEDIATELY TO GET YOUR RADIO(S) REBANDED!

 Why July 2nd?

  • Coincides with reprogramming of Dispatch consoles so they can communicate with the new channels.
  • Medical helicopters have this same date to make the switch.
  • Phase 2 of rebanding should begin this month, causing a trickle effect of removing the old interoperability channels from agencies’ radios.

Need an interoperability refresher?  Watch our short training video – http://warrencountytelecom.com/wp/videos/radio-training-videos/


Radio System MEMO: Immediate Impact!

ATTENTION all Warren County Radio System Subscribers

EFFECTIVE THIS WEEK: Your portable and/or mobile radio will likely enter FAILSOFT numerous times as Telecom retunes the radio system.  You may also receive a busy signal (honk) when trying to transmit due to limited channel availability on the system. The usual 14 channels shared by 300+ talkgroups may reduce, meaning less channels to go around.

  •  WHAT TO DO DURING FAILSOFT – Keep radio traffic to a minimum, reserving for public safety emergencies.
  • WHAT IS FAILSOFT? – The system’s 300+ talkgroups are condensed down to a handful of shared ‘conference calls’.  While your display says you are on a particular talkgroup, this might not be true and you will be communicating to hundreds of WC subscribers outside your usual user group.
  • A 4-minute tutorial video is available here on our website at http://warrencountytelecom.com/wp/videos/radio-training-videos/ – PLEASE familiarize yourself so that you don’t use the system improperly or accidentally transmit ‘home talkgroup’ conversations county-wide.



Please visit the documents tab – http://warrencountytelecom.com/wp/documents/ – and review the CIT Disposition Training Flyer.

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is having trouble tracking data because officers are not using the CIT disposition within MobileCAD.  At a recent meeting, one officer said they didn’t even know it existed.  Assuming they aren’t the only one, please take 2 minutes to review this flyer and learn when + why + how to incorporate this disposition into your incident updates and reporting.

known site glitches

Telecom users: we are aware of some glitches with the website due to the recent Mantra theme upgrade 1.8.9 and are working to resolves them.

  • Page Tabs – as soon as you hover over a parent page, the sub-pages instantly hover over, making it difficult to select the parent page.  Before the upgrade, the sub-pages popped out to the far right, leaving the parent exposed.
  • Photo galleries may be down, not scrolling through photographs.
  • The layout has been changed to 2 column (versus previous 3) due to homepage text aligning far left and covering the entire left column.  If resolved, we’ll return to the 3 column so there is less scrolling on the homepage.

Thanks for your patience!  If you notice other glitches, please report them to allison.lyons@wcoh.net so she can add them to the list of issues.