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Custom alerts are once again working in Telecom’s new paging program, HipLink.  Users are now receiving the same alerts they did a few months back.  Don’t remember what you received or want to change it?  Contact CAD/RMS’ Paul Bernard or Don Sebastianelli at 695.HELP(4357) Option 3.

Follow the link to the PDF (also available on CAD/RMS’ page)

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UPCOMING OUTAGE: 7/25 @ 2100


Please provide this information to anyone in your organization that needs it:

  • Description: Outage to finish Router installation/configuration
  • Location: Warren County Telecommunications Data Center
  • Start Time: Wednesday July 25th, 2012 at 2100
  • Outage Duration: 4 Hours, Users will not be able to access WCPSN from outside the network
  • Purpose: Finish configuration/installation of the new head-end router that was put in to replace the one that failed
  • Impact: Users will not be able to access WCPSN from outside the network. This includes the Gateway, MDCS, FTP. This includes Mason’s PAMET records flow. Internal users such as Dispatch will not be able to access resources outside WCPSN, such as web sites (the hospital pages being an example)
  • User Responsibility: User must be logged out of all Gateway application before 2100 or they will be forced off.

If you would like more details about this issue, please feel free to contact us via email to or by calling us at +1-513-695-4357 and select option 4.

Data Systems Team
Warren County Telecommunications
Warren County Public Safety Network
500 Justice Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
+1-513-695-4357 and select option 4


The Data Systems Team is aware of the internet outage and has the parts onsite to fix the issue.  ETA is unknown at this time but it is being worked on.  Look for another update when the connectivity issue is resolved.  And as always, thank you for your patience!