SafetyNet Bundles Have Been Delivered!

All but 3 agencies on the Warren County Radio System (Franklin Twp Road, Franklin Twp Senior, Springboro Road) have received their stack of SafetyNets that need READ FRONT TO BACK by all employees.  After reading, your folks should sign and provide email on the readership tracker that will get returned to my attention by Friday May 18th so that I can document who HAS and HASN’T read the issue.

We appreciate you taking the 5-10 minutes to read the shortened special issue and educating yourself on important changes coming your way this year!

*OUTAGE NOTICE* Wed 5/9 1pm-2pm

Please provide this information to anyone in your organization that needs it

  • Description: CAD Paging Outage
  • Location: Warren County Telecommunications Data Center
  • Start Time: Wednesday May 9th, 2012 13:00-14:00
  • Outage Duration: 1 Hour, CAD Paging will be offline
  • Purpose: Move Physical location of Emergin server
  • Impact: Agencies will not receive CAD pages at this time
  • User Responsibility: None

If you would like more details about this issue, please feel free to contact the Data Systems Team via email at or by calling us at +1-513-695-4357 and select option 4.

Data Systems Team
Warren County Telecommunications
Warren County Public Safety Network
500 Justice Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
+1-513-695-4357 option 4

SafetyNet – Hard copies making their way to you!

In an effort to share the most important Telecom news – hard copies of May SafetyNet are being bundled as we speak for delivery to your agencies!  This includes public safety & non-public safety departments that use our radio system.  When the bundle arrives to your office, please spend the 10-15 minutes it will take to read the condensed issue then sign the readership tracking form along with providing your email. 

Moving forward, SafetyNet will be announced via post on this website’s homepage, archived on the SafetyNet tab, and a publishing announcement made via email.  We cannot stress how crucial it is for you to read this issue and absorb the information!  Big changes are coming to Warren County – radios, EMS patient reporting, etc – and we want to make sure our users understand important deadlines and changes.

Thanks for your cooperation and involvement in this exciting time of advancement!

*Special Edition* May SafetyNet is here!

CLICK here to read May 2012 SafetyNet!

This condensed issue is a MUST read for anyone who uses radios issued by Telecom!  It’s jam-packed full of crucial information, changes, deadlines, and notices!  Don’t be left in the dark this month!

Not receiving SafetyNet in your Inbox?  Submit your email address under the Stay Connected Tab –> Submit your Agency Contact Info Page!  You’ll begin receiving the next month’s issue a couple days before the month begins.


You can scan talkgroups from different zones at the same time!

DID YOU KNOW? You can scan talkgroups from different zones on your portable and mobile radios. When in scan program mode (holding down scan button), navigate zones with UP & DOWN navigation arrows, then LEFT & RIGHT to scroll through the talkgroups within each zone. Once you’ve reached a talkgroup you want to add to your scanlist, simply press the white softkey under the word ADD. Scan your favorite talkgroups from Zones A,B,C, etc at one time! Check out the “Scanning” or “XTS Anatomy” videos for a visual walkthrough of this.


June 2012 – if your department has not had your portable and mobile radios flashed for rebanding, they will quit working when Telecom retunes the radio towers.  You will know if your radios have been flashed if there is an “I’ve been flashed” sticker behind your battery, on the backside of the radio.  If you need to schedule your flashing, contact the Radio Systems team at 513.695.HELP Option 5.